Hi, I'm Brandy Knight


Before I was a practitioner, I was a client.  I felt lost and wanted to crawl out of my own skin.   My soul was screaming for me to wake up and remember why I chose this life.

My own wild journey landed me straight into Healing Arts and Kundalini Yoga where I learned how to responsibly release my emotions, take deep accountability for my life, and step into the position of guide and teacher!

I am currently certified in the following modalities: NLP, EFT, Law of Attraction, and Kundalini Yoga. This list of certifications will continue to grow and shift as the application of my education and an embodied way of guiding is a top priority for my life and business. 

My deep intuitive and sensory acuity abilities in addition to my healing arts education can provide a rich experience for each client that is ready to wake up and say “YES” to themselves. 

Do you find yourself drained and feeling lost due to excessive people pleasing?
Do you have shame around expressing your emotions?
Do you feel like life is happening to you instead of for you?
Do you feel like you have lost your way here on planet Earth and know there must be a way to free yourself from oppressive agendas?


Accountability Coaching, Emotional Release and Kundalini Yoga

1 on 1 sessions 60-90 mins starting at $222

LEGACY HOUR 90-day private Yogic Immersions $3333

(call, text, or email for specific and unique details designed specially for you!)

What can be expected:

Information and tools rooted in a variety of modalities that can be helpful in transforming your life.

A space to share freely and let go of belief systems and patterns of behavior that might be limiting you. 

A potent education on how to apply spirituality, ancient yogic technology, and healing arts modalities so you can make the best choices for yourself.

Intuitive insights and psychic medium readings can provide a deep heart-expanding experience.  Please note that if a reading is brought into a session it will be clearly stated as such and intended to be utilized as entertainment and not a specific healing arts modality. 

What not to expect:

Medical advice, treatment or diagnosis.  I am not a medical professional.

Financial advice.  I am not a financial advisor or an accountant.

Traditional therapeutic advice I am not a licensed therapist. 

Fortune telling. 

Have problems or issues solved for you.

Validation that you are or are not doing the right or wrong thing. 

For inquiries and scheduling, please contact via email, text, or phone call.  I would love to hear from you!

If you are ready to put yourself first?
If you want to free yourself from poisonous backlogged emotions?
If you are ready to heal yourself and others by speaking truth?
If you are ready to take accountability for your life and become a master alchemist?
If enough is enough and you're ready...
Calling all lightworkers! Let’s do this thang!

What it's like to work with Brandy:

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